Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian
Kourtney and Kim Take Miami 
(also title Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami) is an American reality-based television series that debuted on E! on August 16, 2009, as a spin-off to Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The first two seasons of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami follows Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian as they both manage their store D-A-S-H Miami. The third season Kourtney and Kim Take Miami follows Kourtney again, this time with other sister Kim Kardashian as they update D-A-S-H Miami and enjoy life in South Beach.


Main Cast

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Season Episodes Originally Aired DVD Release
Season Premiere Season Finale Region 1 Region 4
1 8 August 16, 2009 October 4, 2009 April 6, 2010 April 14, 2010
2 10 June 13, 2010 August 15, 2010 N/A April 13, 2011
3 12 January 20, 2013 April 7, 2013


Season 1: 2009

Season Episode Title U.S. Viewers (Millions) Original U.S. Air Date
1 "Paint The Town Dash" 2.7 August 16, 2009
Opening a new store in Miami, Florida and performing her first radio show, "Khloe After Dark," proves too much for Khloe Kardashian as her temper causes a fight between her and Kim Kardashian that threatens the future of D-A-S-H.
2 "Sex, Drugs & Consequences" N/A August 23, 2009
Khloe's job is threatened when she pulls out drugs on her radio show, while Kourtney Kardashian accepts the affections of a bisexual woman.
3 "Hangover Helpers" 1.92 August 30, 2009
Khloe holds auditions at the boutique to find a date for Kourtney; Kim visits and gets pressured into getting drunk.
4 "Kourt Gone Wild" 1.47 September 6, 2009
Kourtney makes out with different men; Khloe gets approached to host a transsexual "Khloe Kardashian Look-a-Like" contest.
5 "Seems Like Old Times" N/A September 13, 2009
Kourtney's ex-boyfriend Scott Disick makes an unexpected return and she must decide whether or not to stay single. Meanwhile, Erica, one of the D-A-S-H employees, may get fired.
6 "All Men Are Dogs" N/A September 20, 2009
Khloe, previously having boyfriend trouble, projects that onto a possible future relationship with Omarion. Meanwhile, Kourtney helps Carrie, a D-A-S-H employee, jump start her modelling career.
7 "Land of the Lost" N/A September 27, 2009
Kourtney, Khloe and Jonathan Cheban get lost in the Everglades while on a trip to Tampa. Kourtney discovers she is pregnant.
8 "Executive Decisions" 2.6 October 4, 2009
When it's confirmed that Kourtney is pregnant with Scott's baby, she has some hard decisions to make. She's not sure she's ready to be a mother.

Season 2: 2010

Season Episode Title U.S. Viewers (Millions) Original U.S. Air Date
1 "Back in Miami" 2.60 June 13, 2010
Kourtney and Khloe, with Scott and Mason Disick, return to Miami. The girls help get D-A-S-H back on track, and promote the store by doing a naked/printed photo shoot with two of their employees. At the photo shoot, Kourtney gets frustrated with hungover Khloe. After being late for her radio show, Khloe After Dark, she decides to get her priorities straight. Meanwhile, Scott looks into fixing up a nightclub.
2 "Wax On Wax Off" 2.63 June 20, 2010
Khloe wants to look good for Lamar Odom when he comes to Miami for a visit, so Kourtney gives her a bikini wax. Kourtney decides to go out with her friends, and her drinking from the night takes a toll on her day at the zoo with Mason and Scott the following day.
3 "Scotts-o-phrenia" 2.27 June 27, 2010
Khloe becomes fascinated by sociopaths and serial killers and wants to interview one on her radio show. Kourtney becomes angry with Scott after he goes against her wishes and takes the D-A-S-H girls out to his club for the opening. Scott becomes extremely angry when Khloe insists he is a sociopath.
4 "Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" 2.34 July 5, 2010
Kourtney uses an old flame to make Scott jealous; Rob Kardashian and Lamar's close relationship begins to annoy Khloe.
5 "Picture Perfect" 2.26 July 11, 2010
Kourtney has her first photo shoot with Life and Style since having Mason. Meanwhile, Khloe handles things at the store while Kourtney works out for the week, which leads to Khloe taking the girls out to a nightclub. Kourtney and Khloe's relationship is tested and could be changed forever.
6 "Sisterly Love" 2.34 July 18, 2010
Khloe leaves Miami after an argument with Kourtney. Kim comes to the rescue and hopes to bond with each other, though it turns out to be the complete opposite. A D-A-S-H employee faces a medical scare.
7 "Kourtney's Denial" 2.68 July 25, 2010
While in Miami, Kim helps Kourtney with the store and taking care of Mason. Kourtney refuses to accept that Scott has a drinking problem, which angers Kim.
8 "Man In The Mirror" 3.45 August 1, 2010
After a violent alcohol-fueled tirade, Scott ends up in the hospital. Kim helps persuade Kourtney to not see Scott until get gets professional help with his drinking problem.
9 "It's My Life" 2.91 August 8, 2010
Kris Jenner visits and tells Scott to stay away from Kourtney; Khloe has to fire someone.
10 "Broken Family" 3.65 August 15, 2010
With a week left in Miami, Khloe is nervous that Kourtney will stay in Miami with Scott.

Season 3: 2013

Season Episode Title U.S. Viewers (Millions) Original U.S. Air Date
1 "Welcome Back to Miami" 2.16 January 20, 2013
Kourtney arrives in Miami without Scott; Kim is focused on being a good mum to her new kitten.
2 "Secrets" 1.54 January 21, 2013
Kim's fertility is comparable to a fifty year old and she begins to take her frustrations out on Kourtney; meanwhile, Scott plans to race cars with his new best friend, much to Kourtney's dismay.
3 "Lez-B-Honest" 2.07 January 27, 2013
Scott learns about the vibrant lesbian community in Miami, while Kim discovers the benefits of breast milk in treating psoriasis.
4 Dragon Me Down" 1.31 February 10, 2013
Kim invites her entire family to Miami to compete in a dragon boat race. At the same time, Kourtney suspects her sister-in-law in pregnant, while Scott has trouble dealing with Bruce's competitive nature.
5 "2 Khloe 4 Komfort" 1.48 February 17, 2013
Kourtney would like to move out of the hotel and into a house, but she and Kim have difficulty finding the time to search for a new residence. At the same time, Scott acts overly friendly with Khloe; and the sisters help Rob cope with a bad breakup.
6 "Bitch Slapped" 1.35 February 18, 2013
Jonathan takes Kim's side during an argument with Kourtney, which sets the older sister off. Meanwhile, Kim learns she has a life changing allergy; and Khloe finds herself in a strange predicament because of her love of Cuban coffee.
7 "We'll Always Have Paris" 1.42 March 3, 2013
Kim attempts to fix Simon Huck and Jonathan's friendship. Kourtney tries to reignite her and Scott's relationship but goes unnoticed.
8 "Miami VICEs" 1.41 March 10, 2013
Kim takes her love of detective work to another level; Scott's eye problems create a new fashion accessory; Kourtney's weight gain starts to get to her.
9 "Lord Disick in the House" 1.38 March 17, 2013
Khloe gets a hosting job; Scott wants to give Lord Disick a royal introduction; Kim and Kourtney get competitive.
10 "See Ya Later, Alligator" 1.49 March 24, 2013
Kim goes on a shopping spree to update her closet after she's put on a "Worst Dressed List". Scott goes down to alligator country and learns about a new side of Florida. Kourtney reveals her post-baby body for a photo shoot.
11 "Babies, Lies and Alibies: Part One" March 31, 2013
Kourtney thinks about being a surrogate mother for Khloe. Kim works with a private investigator to watch Scott, who she thinks is acting suspicious.
12 "Babies, Lies and Alibies: Part Two" April 7, 2013
The family becomes upset when they discover that Kim hired a private investigator to follow Scott but the mood later changes when Kim reveals her pregnancy to the family.
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